My site used to be on the lazy-man's version of a web server, the kind where you put everything in a template and press "publish." I wasn't fond of how that looked, and the natural response was obviously to give myself more control over the whole thing. Now it's on a Raspberry Pi in my apartment, which is pretty neat.

Raspberry Pis are pretty interesting. If you're not familiar with what these things are, they're essentially tiny Linux machines that have the bare essentials for doing a lot of cool things. People make old console emulators, clocks, media servers, really whatever can be done with a computer but without the large footprint of a computer. Plus, they're also super cheap. At the time of writing, I got one on Amazon with an AC adapter, case, and SD card for $60.00. That may outright sound like a needless cost, but I was comparing this to the lazy-man's hosting alternative of over $100 per annum. So, if I'm honest, switching over to a Pi was less a decision over control and one based more in frugality. Oh, and I get to make my own favicon without paying extra, which is clutch.

That said, it's been a good project so far. I wouldn't say I'm adept at HTML and CSS at this point—I am, after all, just using a template and updating it to what I think works best—but I've learned a lot. It's been immersive learning, either you figure out how this all works or you end up with a broken site, which looks even worse than my last iteration. In the vein of frugality again, it's also significantly cheaper than taking an online course in web design.

Doing it this way is not without its problems, though, most notably that I don't have quite as pretty a domain anymore. I had a static IP with the lazy-man's route, but now I'm on DHCP because I'm running this out of my apartment; that just means I'm using FreeDNS as my DDNS so I can serve these pages. It's not a huge issue, seeing as how I still have the domain and just redirect it to (the FreeDNS subdomain), so it's not a usability problem. I just like the cleanliness of having that pure, unadulterated domain. I could get the clean domain to work by using a paid DDNS service, but that flies directly in the face of my frugality principles and I will not have it.

What's this blog for?

Well, I haven't fully figured that part out yet. I'm not even sure I'll keep it. I've always thought it might be nice to have a repository of thoughts, but I doubt it will ever be polished if I do. Future posts will definitely have some more research and time put into them, though, so it won't be reading a stream of consciousness about a tiny computer. You'll thank me later. This is more of a filler post to have a blog with at least something on it.